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Recruitment Marketing Campaigns for Students

Need support with your next recruitment drive?

Recruit new students for your university or college. Fill your open days. Present a strong, positive image that inspires students to apply.  We can help you attract the right students to your university or college.

Need support with your next recruitment drive?

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Recruiting Students for your University or College

Working in partnership with your business, we develop recruitment campaigns that are unique to you. From devising the strategy and approach, to designing and creating the assets and managing social media ads, we take care of everything.

We have developed recruitment campaigns with HR and recruitment teams from a range of sectors including the recruitment of students for schools and Universities such as The Maynard and University of Leicester.

We get to the heart of your business requirements and identify the people and skills you need. We ensure our marketing delivers the results you want – fast.

“We’re all so impressed with AB and the way they work. Not only being extremely professional and skilled at what they do, they have been really great to work with – extremely friendly and genuine.”

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About AB Brand and Marketing

AB began life as AB Graphics in 1983. Originally a two-man graphic studio, the company was founded by Pete Astbury and Aylwyn Bowen. Their surnames formed the AB name that we still proudly use today.

Today AB has expanded to around 20 members of staff and three partners: Marcus Bennett, Ed Burnand and Henry Sanford.

We’re based in both Exeter and London, with our own offices set in the creative, collaborative atmosphere of co-working buildings. We’d still love to see you if you’d like to pop in!

Today we offer local, national and international clients a wide range of services. Our specialist teams cover all aspects of brand and marketing from web design and development to digital marketing, design and strategy.

We’ve transformed our ways of working post-Covid to be flexible for our staff and clients. The AB team is energised by our collective vision and values of better growth, for people and the planet.