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AB’s integrated approach to Digital Marketing means that we are confident in achieving results. We understand that Digital Marketing is not just about achieving results on page one of Google, but considering creative, strategy, messaging, channels and media as soon as you start working with us. We house an experienced team of Digital Strategists who specialise in Search (SEO & PPC), Social Media, Display, Content and Email Marketing.

Search (SEO & PPC)
Getting found in search results is still one of the most effective ways of improving your Digital Marketing performance. Agencies still promise their clients the number one position in search engines, but this is not always possible. There are a number of factors that need to be considered for improved rankings, including technical SEO, keywords, link building, content and page structure. We work with you to optimise your online presence through organic and paid techniques.
Social Media Consultancy
Advising on Social Media Strategy is at the core of what we do. We help brands consider the most effective Social Media channels for their business and engaging ways to grow and communicate with their audience. We don't want to run your social media accounts for you - you're the experts about what you do. But, we do want to empower you to use Social Media confidently and support you with paid advertising campaigns to grow and reach new audiences.
Digital Media Planning
Considering the channels to use within a Digital Marketing Campaign is important. Our Digital Planning team will work with you to identify demographics, locations, interests, and influencers to build profiles for your targeting audience and combine this with data to run effective advertising campaigns. We achieve this by working across Search, Social, Display and Content platforms.
Content Performance Marketing
Content Marketing is a buzzword that can be misleading and confusing to some... We like to think that Content Marketing represents new and innovative ways for brands to convey messages to their target audience through different mediums. Content doesn't have to be limited to your website blog, it should consider video, animation, downloads, infographics etc so that your brand appeals to wider audiences. We ensure that your Content Strategy considers and achieves business objectives... otherwise, why bother?
Email Marketing
For Email Marketing to remain an effective communications channel, brands will need to adopt new ways to ensure their message cuts through the clutter and has a purpose. Brands also need to understand the importance of email automation and behavioural marketing, so that emails can be sent at optimum times to increase open / click-through rates. We work with you to build and segment email data, design and build responsive templates, automation workflows and report on results.
Training & Consultancy
We're nothing without knowledge. Something the AB team are incredibly passionate about. Evolving our clients businesses is one thing, but empowering our client teams through training and consultancy is a growing area within the agency. We regularly work with brands to advise them on their business and marketing strategy, by developing bespoke workshops that cover branding, Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media & Content), tone of voice, media strategy and research.
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