Grizedale forest sculpture park


As somebody who has worked as an Artist but who now makes a living building websites and applications, I’ve got a theory that the two disciplines actually often have rather a lot in common, it’s just that websites tend to need less welding and paint. 

I’m talking specifically about art that is designed to be sold or to exist in a public space. Art that is designed to be sold needs to be robust, galleries and collectors simply will not pay money for something that will fall apart and can’t be moved or sold on.

If you’ve ever worked as an artist you will know all about the mountains of paperwork and proposals that you need to write in order to secure funding for your projects… the main similarity is environment. A piece of art and a website both have to exist and function in a hostile environment- for a website we have the constant flow of changing browsers, security updates, hackers and user error. A piece of art (particularly public art) has to deal with weather, vandalism, sticky fingered children and nature. There is a good reason why so much public art is disappointing – it is simply an attempt to build something that can survive in the big bad world.

So anyway I visited the Grizedale Forest Sculpture park, looked at some art and reflected upon life, the universe and almost everything.



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