Curious gadgets 13 April 2013


So Corey and I headed off to Birmingham NEC for the Gadget show. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect having never attended the show or the NEC before. But these were my impressions:

  1. The first thing that hits you is the massive support there is for the show, in particular the number of ‘gamers’ and supporting gadgets they want and require for their virtual worlds. Not something I have really followed before but the intention is to try and recreate 4D in your living room.
  2. We were then given a tour around the world of the latest gadgets on the main stage with Jason Bradbury, Pollyanna Woodward & Jon Bentley – useful gadgets for tracking your suitcase should it be lost on your journey were the highlights.
  3. With wearable tech growing there were a number of providers of tech for health and fitness fanatics. With rumours of the ‘i-watch’ and Google Glasses this is surely an area that will grow.
  4. However it was the 3D printing area that really caught our eye.  Why? Well firstly it was mainly staffed by Universities showcasing their latest developments and research. Secondly you could see and touch the outcome of their research. The potential that anything can be printed (shoes, guns!, spare toothbrush) at home was quite mind blowing but certainly possible. Their claims were that every home by 2023 will have a 3D printer.

So would I visit again? It’s not an every year must attend event but I will go back in 2015 to see how the 3D printers have evolved…assuming I haven’t got one at home!


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