Your Uniques have gone but your Users haven’t!


So we spend time informing and educating clients on key metrics for their communications, and without notice Google Analytics changes their terminology.

Admittedly I think the terms are clearer, but some notice would help so that we can inform clients of the change.

On 16 April 2014 Google Analytics quietly changed the terminology they use within the reports, changing what they call “visits” and “unique visitors.”

Now, visits is named “sessions” and unique visitors is named “users.”

This shouldn’t affect the figures as it’s just renaming existing metrics.


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Henry is an experienced online communications consultant who has worked with a number of FTSE 100/250 companies, helping them to communicate with their key stakeholders whilst maximising their use of data to generate informed decisions and increased engagement with customers. He heads up our Digital and Corporate Reporting teams, and is interested in all gadgets that make life simpler. Recent projects include an international product launch across Europe, Middle East & Africa as well as leading a large data integration project in the UK. A fan of all sports, he is often seen supporting the Exeter Chiefs most weekends but without the headdress and tomahawk!


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