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We were pleased that Charlotte chose to spend her work experience week with our agency, learning about our different services, getting involved with projects and supporting our team. We were even more impressed with the fantastic blog that she put together for us! Have a read below…

For young people communication has never been so easy; what with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram and text available. But why are young people in general so attracted to these sites? Their ease to use is one reason. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are quite alike in their functions, making it easy to get familiar with all three. On the other hand, Snapchat, Skype and text are different; they are used for sharing information privately. I’d say that Facebook, Twitter and text messaging are the easier to use, as they don’t have as many faults. When using the face call function on both Snapchat and Skype the app can sometimes crash, however, Skype’s call feature is much higher quality. Instagram also has its fair share of glitchy content that could be improved – this makes it less enjoyable to use.

Another reason young people use social media is to communicate freely with friends and new people. The number of friends that use a site will also affect which ones you use – you wouldn’t want to have anyone to talk to! Most people I know use Facebook, which seems to be a firm favourite with young people. This is probably because of the free messaging app that is available for download (at least that’s the reason I like it). This helpful little extra means you can communicate with all your Facebook friends; that’s much quicker than adding in 100 numbers to your mobile phone!

The impact of design

The overall design of a social network is also a game-changer. Colours, fonts, logos and layout can all impact our choices. I noticed that a lot of social media sites use blue as the main colour for their logo. I found out this is because blue is the colour of intellect and the mind; also pairing it with white (which a lot of them do) shows simplicity. We know these are features that make a great logo. It is also shown that blue is the worlds favourite colour, hence why a lot of people are drawn to these sites as they are, generally, most popular. 

Snapchat, however, has a different approach, as its target market is younger. They would not be expecting business-like colours, so yellow is used to express Snapchats fun and lighthearted nature. The layout of Snapcat is also super simple so young people will be able to use it effortlessly. This doesn’t particularly appeal to me, as I prefer more uniform and professional looks of Facebook and Twitter. I think these sites also have a certain level of simplicity, but they do it without looking childish (again because of the colour). 

What have I learnt?

I have learnt, through social media, that there are many ways to communicate; not only with your friends. You can use social media to promote businesses; this is an effective way to get the attention of younger generations. Social media can be a vital tool in your everyday life; this is why older and younger people enjoy using it. Having these sites at our disposal means we can connect with users around the world – bringing us together as one big community. To summarise: Why is social media so popular amongst young people? – It is a mixture of communication, aesthetics, and functions and ease of use that draws them to certain sites.


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