What we learned from TedX Exeter 2018


As a creative agency, we’re ideas focussed. Always on the cusp of the latest trends, looking for new ways to do things and ways to innovate. This is why we look forward to TedX Exeter with such excitement each year. It’s always a bit nervewracking getting tickets, but a huge relief once you’re on the checkout page with 4 in the basket!

This year’s line up featured the most inspiring range of speakers yet. Those in the agency who were lucky enough to attend left the Northcott feeling inspired. We’ve picked out our favourite talks for you from the day below; so if you weren’t lucky enough to go, you can still see what the event is all about. However, we really recommend going next year!

Kids Against Plastic

We knew that plastics were a theme this year, as we were told upon entering the auditorium that TedXExeter would not be using any single-use plastics. The talk we attended from sisters, Amy and Ella Meek was refreshing on so many levels. They spoke of their passion for making the world a better place, and their tenacity in doing so by encouraging the disuse of single-use plastics. They marched on high streets, walked into councils and made people listen to some of the harrowing facts that follow single-use plastics. Their activism in this area is noteworthy as they don’t just talk the talk – they walk the walk. Following their talk, Boston Tea Party has announced their plans to scrap plastic coffee cups. Not only that but just in the past few days, Exeter City Council has also followed suit by pledging to go ‘single-use plastic-free’. Particular highlights of this talk were how Amy and Ella challenged the audience to think of how unnecessary single-use plastics really are. How this was *our battle* as it was *our ignorance* that had caused such drastic action to be taken.

What does it mean to be human?

A constant theme of TedX and the talks that we have attended has been resilience. The idea that no matter how bad things get, we as humans have a resilient nature and an instinct to keep going. Dexter Diaz’s talk centred around ‘what is it to be human?’. That’s a pretty hard question to answer in one half an hour talk, but Dexter gave an inspiring talk on his own experiences as a human rights lawyer, putting his own experiences of meeting some amazing people. He introduced us to Dawn Faizey Webster, who is one of the only people in the world who has locked-in syndrome and studied for a masters degree.

We’d also like to say a short piece about the sponsors who made this event possible. It was great to see so many of our friends there, whether it was South West Water with a huge water bowser on the day or Exeter Cathedral and Hawksmoor Investment who both had excellent stalls with goodie bags for everyone.


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That’s it until next year. We’re already looking forward to TedXExeter 2019…



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