What I Learnt During My Digital Marketing Internship At AB…


Looking back on my first blog, it’s amazing to think of where I started and where I am now. The months of my internship at AB have really brought me on personally and professionally. Which is what this blog will be focused around.

First of all, I was able to get involved in client meetings with the digital marketing team. An experience which was beneficial for me starting off as it gave me a real feel for the agency and how things were done here. I was then able to build upon the research skills I had refined at University by conducting background research on a variety of potential clients. As well as undertaking competitor audits for the benefit of existing clients. This was definitely a useful starting point for me as I was able to show my existing skills and apply them immediately in reports and presentations. Following this, I was able to get stuck into tasks I was more unfamiliar with. Like creating digital strategies, writing meta data, link building and new business pitches. The stuff you don’t get told about at University!

An area I have really enjoyed throughout my internship was regularly contributing to the output on AB’s various comms channels. Be it a blog on one of their websites, or by maintaining their presence on Twitter.

Getting stuck into testing the various components of digital marketing has been pretty cool. Including usage of complex SEO platforms in order to form strategies and recommendations for businesses, as well as managing keyword research for clients to ensure their websites are relevant and showing up for the right phrases. I was initially apprehensive about this as I had never used any kind of SEO platform, but by using some common sense I was able to navigate around fairly easily.

Towards the end of the three months, I was able to experience more long-term projects. Creating digital training manuals for clients, as well as assisting in winning new clients by writing proposals. This was valuable professional experience in seeing how agencies work and operate. Something that you can only really experience and not learn from a textbook.

So far, I’ve learnt so much in areas I had little knowledge of (SEO, reporting, AdWords) but also in areas I thought I had an excellent grasp of (social media, digital marketing strategy, content marketing). It just goes to show how everyday, you’ll learn something new.

Perhaps one of the intangible things that I’ve found harder to put my finger on, is the culture of the agency and the ambition shared across the agency and how this translates into results for clients. I’m made up to be staying on from an intern to a digital marketing executive. Hopefully learning tonnes more in the near future and getting involved further in the agency.

What next?

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Author: James Murphy

James is a recent Business Marketing University Graduate. Fully immersed within our agencies Digital Marketing team. Working with existing clients and supporting the development of AB’s profile through social and content marketing.


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