Tesco// We’re all set to Eat Happy in 2014


What is a potato and where does it grow? The answer should be obvious, but scarily 60% of children across the UK believe that potatoes grow on trees!

The ‘Eat Happy Project’ is a new initiative by Tesco to educate kids and get them interested in where their food comes from.

With the Christmas festivities just about to begin we were asked by Tesco to produce 15 recipe films for the Eat Happy website www.eathappyproject.com which would launch in mid-Jan. ‘No problem’ we said.

So, no time for any self-indulgent January blues for us because with just over a week back in the office we were on location in North London with presenter Fiona Faulkner and 14 enthusiastic young chefs. Our mission was to film the kids making each recipe from start to finish – with a little help from Fiona. We had kids grating, chopping, mixing, rolling and spreading for four days straight (not literally, this apparently is illegal). The recipes were designed to be simple, healthy and fun for kids to make, from Cheesy Leek Parcels to Scrummy Soda bread.

After a few weeks if intensive post-production the films went live on the 27th of January. A fantastic project to be involved with, thanks to everyone who helped us make it happen!


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