Wearable Tech Show – 10 March 2015


I’m just returning from the Wearable tech show having seen some fantastic innovations.

Its great to see businesses small and large innovating. Identifying a problem or a gap and filling it with innovation.

So what can I tell you about the show… Well, firstly…

  • I used 1,620 calories getting there, walking around and back to the train, which equates to 5,622 steps and achieved half my daily activity goal. Wearable tech in action!

All of which is meaningless to you but useful to a Type 1 diabetic that now knows how much insulin to inject for the rest of the day and that he needs to go to the gym tonight to reach his daily activity goal! Now its become useful tech.

The point is that all the devices being developed offer something personal to the user that either fills a gap or enhances their existing knowledge of their surroundings or personal activity.

I have a Polar Loop on my wrist which provides the stats listed above. I use this with a blood testing machine that USBs with my laptop to show my sugar levels – as soon as there is a gadget that does both I will be embracing it.

So what was at the show


Textiles and electronics have come together with stretchable printed circuits (www.express-circuits.co.uk) and sensors embedded throughout

Augmented reality

Hhead gear that puts you in a virtual world (Espon Europe and http://optinvent.com), apps that allow you to:

Wireless charging

Just placing your device on a charge pad to give you more juice (www.air-charge.com/)

Wearable devices

Lots of training devices that monitor a wide range of health measurements – on the wrist (https://jawbone.com/), via head phones (www.bioflow.co.uk)

3D printers

Now becoming a reality, retailing at £800 for a basic printer but being made available for free on Friday’s at Fab Lab London  (http://fablablondon.org/ ) to encourage their development.


  • A bum bag that inflates if you are about to fall (www.o-range.com/en/products/),
  • A golf shirt that tracks your swings on your phone and recommends changes (www.tarquiniofficial.com)
  • A head set that ‘improves your health day after day’ by reducing your stress levels (www.melomind.com)
  • Solar back packs that allow you to charge your devices anywhere(http://www.o-range.com/en/products/)

All this innovation on the back of the Apple Watch announcement which we summarised in Chris’ blog.

Stat of the day

The stat of the day came from CISCO stating there would be half a billion wearable tech devices by 2020 


Innovation of the day

For me it has to be the golf shirt that tracks your swing on your phone and recommends changes (www.tarquiniofficial.com) – this could be a real challenge for the app.

Image sources:

www.tarquiniofficial.com / http://www.wearabletechnologyshow.net


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