Visual trends for 2016 according to Getty Images

Hannah Stephe

I recently enjoyed a webinar from the Creative Research team at Getty Images on their visual trends predictions for 2016.

Like every designer I’m a huge fan of Getty images and so for me this was a real insight not only into the predicted trends for 2016 but also into the team behind the service Getty provide – to be able to fulfil search requests us designers don’t even know we will make yet! It’s no wonder Getty are every designers ‘go-to’ for a beautifully relevant image when you consider all the work and research that goes on behind the scenes.

Here’s a quick summary of each trend, some 2015 search stats for relevant topics and most importantly some of the stunning images that best represent each trend for me.

As well as being very inspiring It made me think about the influence of Getty in design – in predicting the trends are they actually setting the trends?


Think: Rebellion / odd / unusual / unique / audacious / provocative / nonconformity
Search stats: Rebellious UP 206% Bold choices UP 300%


Think: Man meets machine / Positive impact of technology / Power of tech
Search stats: Smart watch UP 5314% Wearable technology UP 11765%


Think: Reflection / revelation / spirituality / goodness / meaningful decisions / aspiration / wonder / epic scale
Search stats: Mindfulness UP 915% Integrity UP 1476%


Think: Messy / dirty  / sweaty / honest / ‘ugly’ / impact not perfectionSearch stats: Messy floor UP1224% Grit texture UP 1577%


Think: Quiet / restrained  / calm / less is more / uncluttered / a welcomed break for the senses in a visually cluttered worldSearch stats: Complex to simple UP 846% Simplicity UP 2270%


Think: Modern day surrealism / manipulation / kaleidoscope / juxtaposition / explorations of how we consume culture and share info
Search stats: Dreamy UP 156% Surreal landscape UP 248%


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Author: Hannah Stephe

After graduating in Graphic Communications with typography Hannah honed her professional skills working in the fast paced world of advertising producing high-end, effective campaigns for a diverse customer base. She is an experienced, enthusiastic and passionate designer, with a creative problem solving approach. Hannah has a particular passion for brand development and implementation and relishes the design challenges each new day brings.


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