Visual impairment charity WESC Foundation launches new campaign film


A new campaign has launched for one of the UK’s oldest and most respected visual impairment charities.

WESC Foundation offers a unique experience for young people and adults with visual impairment, including complex needs. Working in collaboration with AB, the new campaign is focused on their South West target audience to raise the charity’s profile to increase fundraising opportunities, corporate engagement, event attendees and general awareness within the community.

AB has been the charity’s communications agency for many years and they have a solid understanding of their brand and objectives – enabling them to create a fully integrated digital advertising campaign targeting specific audiences across film, social, display and PR.

The new film is at the centre of the campaign strategy, using actors to adopt the persona of a tour guide and group from the infamous Red Coat Guided Tours. The group visit iconic areas within the city of Exeter where the hilarious tour guide highlights some very quirky but true historical facts about the city… all leading up to a very bold unveiling that focuses on WESC.


The idea 

Since renaming in 2013, WESC Foundation has become less familiar and disconnected within the community, meaning a reduction in public and online engagement which has resulted in fewer donations and sponsorship from the business community. It was finally time to position WESC back within the heart of Exeter to be seen as a leading visual impairment charity and not just “Exeter’s Blind School”.

AB’s creative idea revolves around the #ExetersBlindSpot concept – because the people of Exeter are ironically blind to the life-changing work they provide every day.

The strategy

Because of their longstanding relationship with WESC, AB donated time and resources including the beautifully shot film to the charity.

Working with WESC’s marketing and fundraising team, AB researched and analysed the local community to ensure the creative idea was compelling and relevant. Understanding how WESC’s existing audience engaged with them on social media was key, as well as using their data to underpin targeting for the display, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube advertising.

The campaign went live across various digital channels on Monday 11th April and will continue to run for three months. AB’s digital strategy team will be carefully monitoring all engagement to understand the impact locally as well as carrying out research with different audiences to find out feedback on the campaign.

Mark Braithwaite, Director of Education at WESC Foundation commentedWe are impressed with the quality of the film produced by AB to promote our brand awareness campaign and we are confident that this will help underpin a wider community understanding and awareness of the vital work WESC Foundation does as a specialist centre for visual impairment”.

Ed Burnand, Partner at AB… the ideas agency commentedWe’ve worked with WESC for a number of years and feel very strongly that they deserve their position as one of the top visual impairment centres in the UK. I know someone who moved his entire family down from the Midlands so his daughter could go attend WESC. We are delighted to have created the #ExetersBlindSpot campaign and hope to see masses of successful for this inspiring organisation.

What next?

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