Opinion// Video On Instagram – What/Where/Why?


So, you’re looking to grow on social media…

Where do you start first? Not everyone would say Instagram, but it’s the most interactive social media network for brands this year according to market research conducted by Mintel. In order to get the most from the photo/video sharing platform, it’s important to understand why it’s so effective.

Instagram’s effectiveness can be pinpointed down to its simplicity – a photo/video sharing platform. In a social age where you can share almost anything on any network (status updates, endless photo albums, articles, gaming activity as well as what you’re listening to) some people just prefer pictures. Why? It’s easier to digest, it’s clear cut. This needs to be understood in great detail – it’s impossible to hard sell on Instagram. The main reason Instagram users prefer Instagram to other social networks is the minimalism it offers.

Videos on Instagram give you an opportunity for brand equity through posting pictures that relate to your brand – particularly popular within food, lifestyle and leisure brands. You can easily make your brand look professional and prestigious by using Instagram – but you can also add personality and interact with new, modern audiences.

Social media interaction & engagement bar chart

Simply, the reason users interact with brands on Instagram a lot more than on other networks – is because they’re not hard-selling on Instagram. It’s simply for strengthening brand personality and showcasing creativity. Whilst there is a commenting function and a messaging service, it’s not like Twitter where brands and consumers freely interact. Instagram is centred around liking pictures, which is why so many brands thrive there showcasing their products as an online showroom.

So if you think about rolling out a teaser for a new product – Instagram is your best bet for it to get viewed. It doesn’t sit alongside Facebook or YouTube as the viewing habits are entirely different…

However, that’s not to say Instagram isn’t worthwhile. It’s simply using the platform correctly in order to get your video viewed. A correctly choreographed 10-second video on Instagram is just as likely to get a lead to the main site as a two-minute product demonstration on Facebook is. The more views, the more engagements you’ll get. (There is more scope for extensive content on Instagram now since they increased their runtime allowance from 15 seconds to 1 minute due to its popularity)

Check out this blog on Econsultancy which highlights how some brands use Instagram wonderfully. With the newly added stories feature, brands have been given an opportunity like never before to market their products personably, offering off-the-cuff content to followers. This can strengthen your actual public posts, as your story can be filled with fun content that gives a sense of prestige to anything that is posted publicly.

Whether it’s establishing brand personality through short clips or revealing a new product, there’s plenty of think about for video on Instagram.


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