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For many businesses, finding the time to develop new ideas can be a challenge, one that often leads to frustration and a sense of untapped potential. The Grads for Growth programme was designed to help SME’s scope up short-term innovative projects to help their business grow and assist them to identify and recruit graduates to deliver against these projects.

We were asked to pitch ideas for a series of films which would capture the essence of the programme and the positive outcomes for both the businesses and the graduates, ensuring that the sense of place and the geography of the South West was also reflected.

Following a successful pitch, we embarked upon a whistle-stop tour of the South West to shoot three case study films for three very different businesses. Our aim was to tell the story of both the graduate and the business, illustrating the positive experiences from both perspectives and the part Grads for Growth played within the process.

All three films (plus a montage edit) were shown at a celebration event and innovation showcase were graduates and businesses gathered together to share their successes stories. The films provided an overview of the impact of the programme through the eyes of the graduates and businesses who have taken part.


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Jason has always loved film - He spent his youth arguing the case to his parents that he actually needed to see The Empire Strikes Back five times. After studying advertising at Watford College he begun a career on the mean streets of advertising, later working for one of London’s leading moving image design studios working for clients such as Channel 4, BBC and MTV. He believes passionately that todays digital technology coupled with a strong idea can allow any business to achieve the same creative excellence that at one time only global brands could command.


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