The Rise of the Podcast


Podcasts are growing more popular than ever with listenership growing steadily on a yearly basis since it’s debut in 2009. A fantastic tool for multi-tasking, consumers are now most likely to listen on the go, during their commute to work or while exercising. From knitting to current affairs there are endless topics to choose from, most recently I’ve noticed a considerable number of influencers and bloggers taking the podcast route to promote their brands. Here are 5 of my current favourites for the creative thinker:

Ctrl Alt Delete Podcast

Ctrl Alt Delete Podcast

A new find and quickly becoming one of my favourites is Emma Gannon’s podcast Ctrl Alt Delete which reached number 20 on the iTunes chart in it’s first week. Emma interviews creative individuals about work, life, money & creativity. Most of the show’s guests are female and the show is targeting driven female entrepreneurs, however men could certainly enjoy it also.


Filler Podcast

Though being on hiatus for the past 11 months I still get a kick out of the Filler archives. Filler is a creative industries podcast hosted by Harry Hitchens and Matt Shore who sit down (usually in a coffee shop over the muffled sounds of a grinder and milk frother) with individuals from every field in the game. These include Facebook’s original designer, a 17-year-old feature film maker and YouTubers aplenty!


Serial podcast

Though not technically ‘creative’ there’s an unwritten rule that you cannot speak about podcasts without mentioning Serial. Hosted by Sarah Koenig the show tells one story over the course of each season, it’s most popular to date being season one. Each episode focuses on different pieces of an intricate puzzle that is the murder of a high school student in Baltimore, US. This award winning podcast is one of the most downloaded of all time (over 80 million to be precise) – if that doesn’t get you listening I don’t know what will!

Ted radio hour

Ted Radio Podcast

The ever popular Ted talks also have a podcast to match: Ted radio hour hosted by Guy Raz. Focusing on an array of subjects just as the Ted talks do, though now in podcast form making it commute and multi-tasker friendly. With highly intelligent guests from around the globe there is an episode to get anybody thinking.


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