It’s Only Taken Us Thirty Years


We were born in 1983.

But, a lot has happened since then. Gone are the days when we were a two-man graphic design studio.

Over the last year our accolades have grown and the services we provide have evolved. We’re continuing to innovate the agency, so that our clients see us as partners who can drive their businesses forward.

Obviously being recognised for our work is fantastic, but we don’t set out to purposely create award-winning campaigns for our own satisfaction. We set out to solve challenges that our clients face in business and go beyond the realms and capabilities of other agencies.

We have strong ambitions, lead by an entrepreneurial senior team who strive to create an environment where we can learn, be inspired, have fun and be productive.

The journey to success isn’t going to happen overnight. There’s been investment, long hours and challenges along the way to increase our exposure and become recognised on a national scale. We’ve been rejected like a bad date and told that being based in Devon will hold us back… Well bugger that, we’re happy here. This is our home, which houses talented, cultured people. Tesco, BBC, IG Group PLC and Heineken didn’t have an issue.

Our Evolution

AB… has evolved into an integrated communications agency.

It’s the best term that describes what we do. We have a team of creatives, strategists, marketers, developers and filmmakers under two roofs (yes, two… we had to buy the building next door to keep up), working together in an open, creative environment. We have a can-do attitude towards all our clients and we go that extra mile to achieve success.

In the last year we have been featured as a Top 100 Design Agency 2016 in Design Week, the Top 100 Digital Agencies 2016: Ones to Watch by Econsultancy, a Top 5 Creative Agency in The Drum, our Digital Marketing team achieved Google Partner status and became the South West’s highest-rated RAR agency… by our very own clients. We were also humbled to win Best Creative Company in the Exeter Living Awards.

Working alongside a talented team means that we learn and support each other. Long term friends are made here and that counts for a lot. Being happy inspires our work and drives ambition to punch above our weight and pitch to big brands.

Our Brand

I’m betting that if you know us, you’ll know us by a multitude of names. It’s quite amazing how regular I hear people refer to different names for the agency, some that never even existed!

  • AB Graphics
  • AB Design
  • AB Design Group
  • AB Multimedia
  • AB Media
  • AB Creative

Being born in 1983 means that we have many identities and that has been one of our biggest challenges, which is why we have created new websites for AB Motion, our in-house film production company and AB Reporting, our corporate communications agency specialising in annual and sustainability reporting.

And now?

Everything we do is built around the premise that in order to cut through the clutter and stand out, we need to challenge convention with a compelling idea or story to engage our audience to sit up and take notice.

This piece isn’t about bragging. This is about evolving in a competitive industry and understanding our clients needs. If you’re not embracing new technology, digital and data to influence your agencies work, then you’re not going to go far.

A lot goes on behind the scenes here that you won’t know about. We’re no longer a traditional creative agency that “doesn’t get digital”

We’re going to keep pushing, growing and innovating.

Want to be part of our journey? Get in touch.

What next?

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Author: Chris Shadrick

Chris is Head of Digital Marketing at AB. He’s fascinated by all things VR, Big Data and working with ambitious brands to help them embrace Digital.


If you’d like to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, give AB a follow on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe for our exclusive monthly email highlights.


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