So, what did Apple unveil at their 2015 March Event?


Yesterday we were glued to our seats, ready and waiting for the Apple 2015 March Event! It was obvious that one particular device, something of a wearable kind, would be a headline feature, especially after the hashtag #AppleWatchEvent went viral on Twitter.

We knew it was coming after the unveiling of the new Apple Watch back in October, but we wanted to know more about the Watch and how it could enhance our lives.

The Keynote kicked off in true Apple style with an update from CEO Tim Cook, on the retail side of the business. Apple recently sold its 700 millionth iPhone (pretty incredible) and customer satisfaction for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is at 99% – a statistic that no Apple competitor can boast about.

On to Apps… 


Tim was very proud to announce that every major car brand has now committed to using CarPlay in the manufacture of new cars, and will come to 40 new models in 2015 alone. CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in your car and puts your messages and notifications in your in your car’s built-in display, as well as enabling you to make calls, send messages and listen to music whilst driving.


It was obvious that Apple were going to invest more in Health Apps after Health came to iOS 8 and had a major push in the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


The audience were extremely excited when Apple then announced ResearchKit; described as the most meaningful announcement.

ResearchKit is tailored toward doctors who are looking into certain diseases and who are interested in performing all sorts of tests and trials on patients to discover new treatments, which could have a major impact on modern medicine. An important factor to note is that privacy is a huge aspect of ResearchKit and Apple will not see your data.



Were you expecting a new Macbook? Described as “The most extreme and efficient notebook we have ever created” the new Macbook weighs just 2 pounds!

It’s the thinnest MacBook ever and measures just 13.1mm thick, which makes it 24% thinner than the previous thinnest MacBook, the 11in MacBook Air. It also weighs just 2lbs. This design was achieved using a fanless design, which not only reduces noise but also enabled Apple to make the MacBook so thin and light.

Apple has introduced the new USB-C port for the new MacBook, which can be used for data, video and charging in just one connector, meaning Apple has been able to reduce the number of ports to just two!

so comes in gold, silver and space grey and… has 35% more battery capacity despite the thinner and lighter design. The display is designed to consume 30% less energy with the same brightness.

Finally… Apple Watch


Apple Watch launches on the April 24 – if you’ve downloaded iOS 8.2 then you’ll have noticed an Apple Watch app is already available. Pre-orders and previews at the Apple Store begin on April 10.

The price will range drastically, depending on your budget, from £299 ($349) for the entry-level Sport model to £13,500 ($17,000) for the lavish 18-karat gold editions.

Key things to know about Apple Watch:

  • Communicates with iPhone over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Can be anywhere in the house, not just in Bluetooth range.
  • iPhone will download apps for Watch via Apple Watch Store.
  • Has an “all-day battery life” across a range of uses. 18 hours in typical day.
  • You can connect an Apple Watch to another Apple Watch (direct communication). Draw a sketch and have it pop onto friends’ watches. Or tap to get a friend’s attention. Or send your heartbeat.
  • A major focus for the device will be on improving our health. 

At every Apple Event it is becoming more apparent how much stronger the company is getting and how their products are dominating our world and providing us with solutions to better manage our work and personal lives. We’ll be getting our hands on an Apple Watch as soon as they’re available.


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