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As a dog owner, I’m frequently out and about taking him for his daily walk. My dog is a terrier and loves nothing better than to go into the hedges and bushes to see what he can find. He is often out of sight for ages and after one particularly long absence, I wondered if technology could help me keep an eye on him when I couldn’t.

After a quick Internet search, I came across the Pixie website. The Pixie Point is a small beacon that you attach to objects. Not only would it help with keeping track of my dog but also you can attach Pixie Points to anything you may misplace regularly such as wallets, keys and even the TV remote control.


When you lose something that has a Pixie Point attached, pull out your smartphone, click on the missing object and if it’s in range (50 feet indoors and 150 feet outdoors), your smartphone will indicate which direction you should travel to find it. The Pixie Point contains Bluetooth technology that allows you to create a digital map of all your tags objects, which is then synced to the mobile app.

Each beacon will last 18 months, and they are water-resistant and UV-coated to protect the radios, circuitry, and processor inside.

One great feature is the app creates an augmented reality display of your surrounding so to find an object that’s tagged, hold up your phone and scan the room. X marks the spot of where the object is.

Another feature of Pixie Points is that they can keep you organised. If your line of work means you need to pack a collection of items in order to perform your job or if you’re packing for a holiday and don’t want to forget the camera or phone charger, Pixie can help. Create a Smart Kit with a list of what should be included, tag the items and the app shows you what is missing and notifies you immediately.

Pixie is available for pre-order and begin being delivered this summer and includes discounts for multiple orders with the promotional code on their website. It has already received some positive press from respected tech news providers that include Forbes, Business Insider, Digital Trends and PC Magazine.


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