Our journey across the interwebs for an SEO expert


Here at AB, we’re on a mission. That mission? To hire the best space cadets for our journey across the interwebs.

Like it? That’s awesome. As they say, great minds think alike. Job adverts can sometimes be so dull and tiresome, but we’re always a bit different. We’ve got a vacancy for someone with expert SEO knowledge, and we figured this might get your attention.

Our Head of Digital Marketing, Sarah Gill, is expanding the AB digital marketing team with an SEO specialist role. Now, we know you SEO heads are hard to find (yes, we even searched beyond the first page of Google) which is why we made you this super awesome film. As tongue-in-cheek as the film is, everything in there is true. We’re looking for someone who can take a project by the scruff of its neck and deliver. We want someone who’s not afraid to make those big decisions that reminds the client why they’re with us. Someone who can think critically about the implications of their recommendations and challenge us as well as our clients to think bigger and better. Oh, and yes, you will be down here in ‘Sunny Devon’ as the film suggests (camper van not included). If you want to make sure the role is just what you’re looking for, read the full SEO Specialist job advert here.

We’re a growing agency looking for people in it for the long term and want to do excellent stuff. Our mission is to do great work, have fun and make money. So, if that sounds like you please pick up your mobile telephone device and get in touch. Impress us with examples of outstanding SEO work in your application, how you’ve used any of the many, many tools out there in the cosmos like Moz, SEMRush and Screaming Frog to completely change a client’s fortunes. Or maybe you haven’t, and you’ve used a different tool we don’t even know of yet!



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Sarah is the Head of Digital Marketing & Strategy at AB... and enjoys helping organisations get the most from their marketing activities. With an affinity for a data-driven approach, she specialises in customer and user experience, SEO and PPC management. At the moment, she's really interested in voice search. Sarah is Google-certified in both Ads and Analytics and has over 11 years of experience in digital marketing. She also has an MSc in Digital Marketing Communications and joined the AB... team in April 2017.


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