AB creates new TV ads for Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts


Back in the summer, we got a brief to pitch for the Paignton Zoo, Living Coasts and Newquay Zoo account.

It’s long been a coveted account down in the South West. It’s a high profile, major attraction down here; any agency worth their salt would want these guys on their books. Paignton Zoo alone is twice the size of London Zoo.

zoo 1

We soon got to grips with them, we researched visitor profile, current and future, we spent oodles of time hanging out with the animals and the staff. The nub of the brief soon boiled down to a couple of simple points: The zoos are really impressive, way more than you’d ever expect, but not enough people know about them, they are more than just another South West attraction.

zoo 2

These are zoos that compete on a national level. So our brief led us down the route of what it feels like when you go to the zoo, that sense of enchantment, that sense of leaving the hubbub of the real world behind you, getting lost in the animal kingdom, which led us to thinking about how every now and again in life, you need to let yourself go, release all those pent up animalistic behaviours, time to roar, to roam, to squawk, to leap about, to feel young and carefree, and so gave us our endpoint, go on, release your inner animal. (you might not know it’s there, but trust it is) type thing.

So our recent TV ads, we think do just that. Yes, they’re a bit odd, a bit quirky for a South West attraction, but that’s the point, we want to be noticed, we want to make some noise, disrupt, tell everybody that we’re a little different than your average visitor destination. These ads are a foray into a bit of magical mischief, and let’s face it, you’ll find it pretty hard to miss this when you’re sitting on your sofa waiting for the next instalment of Emmerdale to come on.

Success these days on TV is about being more engaging, more interesting and above all just that little bit different.

Watch the new TV ads for Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts below… 


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