Ivio// How do you make HR software interesting?


Animation can be a great way to make a straight subject interesting and engaging to watch. We’re really pleased with our latest project for IVIO HR Software. The brief was to create a short piece of communication that in simple, plain english would, in simple language explain how IVIO software connects employer with employees and vice versa ……. in fact rather than me explain, why not see for yourself.


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Jason has always loved film - He spent his youth arguing the case to his parents that he actually needed to see The Empire Strikes Back five times. After studying advertising at Watford College he begun a career on the mean streets of advertising, later working for one of London’s leading moving image design studios working for clients such as Channel 4, BBC and MTV. He believes passionately that todays digital technology coupled with a strong idea can allow any business to achieve the same creative excellence that at one time only global brands could command.


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