Is Video Really Replacing Email?


The classic trusted email system has been something all of us have used in our professional and personal lives. Why? It’s quick, easy and simple. In fact, it couldn’t be simpler. Or could it?

Typing is quick, but recording is quicker. It makes you think about whether perishable video platforms have a wider role as a communication tool. Could Snapchat have a role as a collaboration tool in the workplace?

Video conferences are commonplace in business right now, as are Skype interviews. Think about how easy it would be to work on creative projects in real-time just by being able to send quick, customisable videos instead of sending over an entire list of amends?

We live in a world where we will have children who are growing up and Snapchat is already older than them. Obviously there is a sense of whether it’s appropriate for work and whether it’s the most professional way of communication, but they’re literally isn’t anything more transparent than Snapchat. So in a way, maybe it is the most efficient way of communicating.

It’s not just video. Snapchat is predominantly a photo-sharing service with 9,000 snaps per second. And there is still the function for plain text replies too. Not everyone wants to create a masterpiece in a dog filter to a generic meeting invitation.

Maybe it’s not Snapchat, and maybe there is space for another app to dominate the video marketing space, making communications even easier.

I also found that people have tried replacing email with Snapchat… The success of this was mixed. Not everyone is ready for a world that is based on visual communications only, but younger audiences will start to identify with this approach and it will become the norm before long.


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