How will 5G change the way we do business?


We considered the evolution, application and safety of 5G in the first of our 5G blogs. But how might 5G technology change our work environment?
Not only will the technology supporting your work-life speed up, but you’ll begin to communicate differently. The way you think about projects may change and your office will become more connected than ever.

If your work speeds up, you can get more done. If you can become more efficient and extend your capacity, you’ll inevitably save costs and drive business growth.

5G technology drives mobile business

Working remotely

5G technology will transform the way we communicate at work. The almost instantaneous connection will enable employees or teams to work remotely. This clearly has a wealth of benefits that will allow businesses to become more agile.

Many businesses already manage remote teams. However, communication lag can often be frustrating, slowing progress significantly. With 5G networks established, this will no longer be the case.

Remote teams will be able to set-up quickly and communicate seamlessly with office HQ. Video calling will be high quality and access to files stored on shared networks will be quicker.

5G technology on the move

Working while travelling is likely to become much easier.

If you’re a regular train-commuter, you’ll relate to those who bemoan the problems of using wireless devices on board. Connection is often weak, and devices regularly drop in and out of the network.

However, with the integration of 5G into our travel networks, your train seat will become your office.

With the same bandwidth and frequencies experienced in our place of work, you’ll be far more productive and far less irritated. Internet connection will be immediate. Working with large files won’t be a problem and email or instant messenger services will be just as effective as they are in your office.

And what about driverless vehicles?

It is usually impossible to work while driving. But if our cars do the driving for us, this frees us up to focus on other matters. 5G technology integrated into our vehicles may even support our work. These vehicles will carry out searches and sync with our mobile or video chat networks.

Find out more about the future rise of autonomous vehicles in our first 5G blog.

5G mobile vs desktop

Currently, a large proportion of B2B work is executed on desktops and laptops. Desktops are often more reliable than our mobile devices. They connect with ease and give us better access to the internet, shared networks and other applications.

However, the launch of 5G mobile will revolutionise the way we think about B2B work. Connections are quicker and more reliable. Bandwidth is larger, and interactions become seamless. As such, there is no reason why we cannot carry out B2B work on mobile devices at the same standard as desktop.

5G holographic video-calling

In our blog, 5G technology is coming… But what does it mean for you?, we discussed how 5G will better support virtual reality (VR) technology.

Particularly spectacular use of 5G to merge digital into reality took place towards the end of 2018 at Vodaphone’s Future Ready conference in Newbury.

Iris, a huge football fan, was given the opportunity to take part in the UK’s first live holographic phone call using 5G. Iris was excited to ‘meet’ her idol, Steph Houghton – England and Manchester City Women’s Football Captain.

The immediacy of the call and hologram allowed Steph and Iris to chat, appearing side-by-side as if they were in the room together.

What might this mean for business interactions? Imagine a world within which your global business calls happen in holographic fashion. Your partners on the other side of the world can simply tap into your hologram network and work with you side-by-side. This will have huge consequences with regards to the way you relay information and convey your messages.

The Internet of Things at work

The Internet of Things refers to devices that can go online. The speed and breadth of connectivity created by the Internet of Things will help to make our workplaces more sustainable.

Thanks to 5G detection systems, we will also notice better air quality, any dangers, and we might even be able to put the kettle on from the comfort of our desks…

With more basic or methodical tasks handled by your 5G AI systems, what will this leave room for? Perhaps you’re a creative person who doesn’t have the opportunity to exercise this impulse? Or maybe you’re a great critical thinker and you’ve missed the chance to think deeply about the processes in your workplace?

We expect these skills to become more commonplace at work, helping to drive business growth as well as personal development. In terms of agency-life, this can only mean great things for our clients!

Managing your personal life with 5G

Juggling your personal life with work can be tough but we think 5G could help. With video calls able to connect you reliably and in real-time to your caller, appointments may become more video-focused. Clearly this isn’t appropriate for every problem but could certainly benefit medical patients with straightforward requests.

Providing you have somewhere private to make a call, you can manage your appointments from your workplace – saving you the time and hassle that disrupts your working life.

Read our first 5G blog, 5G technology is coming… but what does it mean for you.


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