College feels like forever ago for some of us, but when we’re asked about it; the memories we have of college aren’t always about the educational side of things.

That’s the point that we wanted to get across in Petroc‘s new cinema advert. Students who are fresh out of school are going to spend the next two or three years meeting new people with similar minds, learning new things about themselves and what they want to do, falling in and out of love, hanging out, partying, growing up; and this could all happen while you’re a student at Petroc. It’s those moments, both on-campus and outside, that we wanted to show.

The video was part of the #FULLOFSURPRISES campaign; almost every college will say how amazing things will be when you study there; and if typical college videos are anything to go by; you’ll have a constant stock-photography smile on your face for the next few years. College isn’t like that, there’ll be parts you love, and parts you hate, and we wanted to show how gritty and raw the college years can be.

I know all this from experience; I met my closest friends while I was at Petroc, who I still see now! I met my girlfriend (now wife) while I was at Petroc, and it’s where my career as a filmmaker all started too; but that was alongside all of the “drama” that comes with growing up. Getting to direct their new cinema advert means that things have really come full circle! Funnily enough, when I pitched my F.M.P (final major project) to my college tutor, I suggested the idea of making an advert for the college, but he told me it was “too ambitious”. Shows what he knows…

You can read more about the video on DevonLive.

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