Evolving #MadeForGirls…


It’s one thing to make award winning work, but it’s another thing to evolve it and improve it. When we were asked to evolve the #MadeForGirls campaign, it wasn’t as simple as rehashing old images and looking through old notes…

We wanted to approach this with a fresh look on the campaign, whilst retaining the success and familiarity we achieved with the initial campaign.

You think of evolved campaigns that have failed in the past; some great initial concepts can become overplayed and reliant on the original. With Made For Girls, we wanted to challenge perceptions of same sex education even more than last time. Our aim was to specifically hone in on jobs predominantly dominated by men; such as a Fleet Admiral, a Chief Executive, or a Film Director.

Creative partner, Marcus Bennett commented:

Research has confirmed that gender-based differences in career confidence start early, with girls having lower confidence about their careers prospects. Which is why The Maynard take great care and pride in nuturing girl’s confidence and ambition, ensuring they have the opportunity to reach their full potential. This was an important part of The Maynard story which needed to be told and built nicely upon the previous campaign.”

We worked with Matt Austin Images in order to create the perfect setting to get the best shots, which meant braving the British weather on Exmouth beach…

As the creative concepts evolved, so did the delivery. We’ve chosen a more holistic approach to the launch of the film. A lot can change in a year; and this is no different for film. Facebook native video has evolved to be one of the most important tools in the film makers/digital marketers arsenal and it’s made a huge difference in terms of the reception of the campaign, allowing the film to be presented in front of the relevant target audience. 

Have you been living under a rock and still not seen the new #MadeForGirls campaign?

Well, here it is…




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