Embracing Change in Business


As businesses continue to evolve and look for new ways to communicate with customers, one of the most important things I have found, particularly working within a communications agency, is embracing change.

The world we live in continues to change and this impacts business through new technology, marketing initiatives and digital marketing channels. The most important thing to consider here is being open minded and having the ambition to try new initiatives within business.

Digital Transformation continues to be a global buzzword and a high priority for businesses. This is the profound and accelerating transformation of business activities and processes to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies. I spend my days working with clients who are eager to adopt digital but don’t have a clear strategy in place.

This is where a little bit of science can go a long way…

I believe that success in business now requires the implementation and understanding of Big Data Analytics. To make clever business decisions to improve productivity, effectiveness of marketing campaigns or reduce overheads, we need to use data to both predict and identify opportunities. In regards to marketing campaigns, Big Data allows businesses to deliver personalised, targeted campaigns to consumers, which increase engagement, sales and brand trust.

Successful digital transformation will be based on establishing data streams in and out of a business. Data analytics will be embedded in all new apps, with a specific focus on automating actions based on real-time data analysis. This all may sound high level and complicated, but successful use of Big Data is not isolated to big businesses. Data analytics platforms are available to all size businesses, the success is ensuring you have someone in-house to implement and understand the platform, as well as convey results to the management team.

If we’re going to get really futuristic, your business should already be considering how you could embrace the use of Virtual Reality. We’re now passed the point that businesses should be adopting a mobile-friendly website or using the latest social media channel, if you want to really stand out from the crowd, think innovation.

VR solutions from Google, Samsung and Facebook have caused disruption in the marketplace; changing the way we interact at work and play videogames. Gamification is particularly interesting and how brands are using game-design techniques to solve problems, motivate, and engage consumers. A combination of brand gamification and VR could evolve into new engaging loyalty schemes and particular opportunities to communicate with younger people.

So, where am I going with all this?

Be different. Be innovative. Embrace change. It’s a noisy, cluttered world, whether you’re a local business or a global giant, we all have one objective to engage consumers in our brand, using new techniques with digital being at the heart. How is your business embracing change?

What next?

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Author: Chris Shadrick

Chris is Head of Digital Marketing at AB. He’s fascinated by all things VR, Big Data and working with ambitious brands to help them embrace Digital.


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