Droning on about Jet Packs


It’s that time of year when we’re asking children what they’d like from Father Christmas. Well what’s on your Christmas list this year?  Socks, jacket, car?

Well there’s a few things I’d like, and one of them is a drone! Not to attack or spy on anyone with, but to get some amazing shots that we normally can’t get or see.

This is born from whenever I’m on a flight; I always want the window seat as you get such a different view of our every-day surroundings. It’s even better when its a flight near where you live, as you can see how everyone is connected and watch the little ants heading along your normal commute. Maybe it’s the curious (nosey) part of me but when I had a flying lesson for my 30th birthday over the Surrey countryside, I was astounded by the number of swimming pools and tennis courts as well as the birds eye view of the landscape.

So what is the background to Drones?

You can buy one for £60 and have it delivered the next day along with your groceries. The true definition is it’s an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is controlled remotely. Aviation experts will always call them UAVs but we, the general public, know them as ‘drones’.


The military have been using them since in 1849 when Austria sent unmanned bomb-filled balloons to attack Venice.  More recently the Police have started using them and Google gained a lot of coverage when it said it would be delivering parcels via drones without having clearance to actually fly them in the shared air space.

So what is my interest in drones? No surprise it involves sport, but also it’s a gadget that will generate amazing images.

Sporting insights

Aerial shots have been used in sport for a while and for anyone watching the Rugby World Cup games at Twickenham they would have seen a camera suspended on wires whizzing above the player’s heads. These shots give you an amazing insight as to how the teams are lined up and their lines of running.


Drones take it a step further and give the operator the freedom to move the camera around and get a decent image of the subject.


Amazon deliveries

In July 2015 Amazon announced its plans to make deliveries in 30mins from ordering the product using drones. It believes this will be possible within 10 years and they propose that a 200ft slab of air – located between 200ft and 400ft from the ground would be dedicated to drone deliveries. Naturally there are a few hurdles to counter such as privacy issues, clashing with amateur drone enthusiasts and ensuring the reliability and autonomy of the drones can be guaranteed.


So by 2025 we should be receiving our Christmas presents via the air delivery service alongside Father Christmas’ sleigh!

Amazing images

Take a look http://www.dronestagr.am/ to see some amazing shots from around the world. All showcasing the flexibility of this new piece of technology and what it can do.

Or maybe you’d like to see a drone’s eye view of a powerful tornado

Jet packing around the world

But what I really want for Christmas is…a jet pack.

So rather than sending a drone up for the images, the jet pack will allow me to experience the view myself.

Look at this beauty in action:

Its powered using kerosene and can fly at over 200kph.


Unfortunately, the current technology is not developed enough to last long enough for a decent trip and at £165K it’s a little on the expensive side but who knows what Father Christmas might bring next year!

Have a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year.


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