Don’t make these mistakes when producing video content, please…


Getting video right can be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Mistakes can range from video length, poor communication and lack of promotion. So, we wanted to highlight some common challenges we come across and how to overcome them…

1. One of the main reasons why video content can fail is because of the lack of story behind it. Make sure that your video has a purpose and the objective is clear. Do you understand the audience you’re communicating with and will they understand your message? Work closely with your production agency to identify the story and overarching strategy.

2. The length of your video is too long. Often producers will say that videos are too long, leading to over-complication of the main message. Too much information can be overbearing, those who are watching the video want to get to the message as quick as possible, our attention spans have reduced and we’re busy people. However, it’s vital that in doing this you don’t assume that everyone will be enticed by a short snippet. The research below conducted by Wistia includes over half a million videos and a billion plays shows how shorter videos receive more engagement.

AB film & video - descending line graph showing average engagement vs average length3. Having just talked about the importance of length in video, I feel it’s a good time to discuss coherence and clarity. Depending on the length, you can talk about many different things (an about us, a meet our team section or a case study) but if your video is limited to 30 seconds or under then consider choosing one main point and covering it well. A video focused on one specific message will create more leads than one that tries to cover varied topics in order to cast a wider net.

4. The video is not using calls to action in order to achieve the campaign objectives. Whether your goals are to increase engagements, sales, or brand awareness, your video should always link back to your main site and have links to social channels so people can explore more about your brand.

5. A lot of businesses approach video with the same way they would approach something like Google Ads. Expecting instant results from video will almost always end in disappointment. It takes a while for a strong video campaign to get noticed and this should be kept in mind when producing video content for your business. Ensuring you place the video on searchable video channels like YouTube and Vimeo will help it get found and allow others to share and embed it.

6. Failing to address the target audience is perhaps the biggest mistake businesses make when producing video content. A video focused on one specific message will create more engagement than one that tries to cover varied topics in order to cast a wider net, because it is more complicated for the user to digest this. Think of this in terms of your target audience, a video that is specific, well researched and direct to a small group will generate more leads than one that is ambiguous, neither here nor there that tries to appeal to various different groups. Sometimes one generic brand video is not enough to cover all of your target audiences for example.

7. First impressions count, and the first impression a video makes (past the length and the thumbnail) is on the quality of the video, both visual and audio. Small things like this can make video content look professional. We are slightly biased here of course… but when you’re creating a video as part of an advertising campaign we wouldn’t recommend using your iPhone because of the quality it will produce. The benefit of using an agency will cover all angles from the quality of the video through to the story and promotional strategy.

Film & video play icon on vector laptop8. Video needs to be used in conjunction with other platforms, if you don’t have promotional strategy post-production, it’s not going to get viewed. Simply creating a video will not prompt people to become brand ambassadors overnight, you’ll need to promote your video with calls to action back to your website, embed it on your website, upload to video hosting platforms and share across your social media channels. For example if you have a corporate video, sharing it on LinkedIn can increase the amount of shares you receive by 75%, compared to a standard update. Don’t ignore this.


We work hard to be the experts in video. Here at AB The Creative Agency, we have built an experienced team of producers, filmmakers, animators and strategists to develop a cohesive approach to the video content we produce. We’re true believers that beautifully crafted videos and films are one of the most compelling ways to tell a brand story. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our latest work here. Or get in touch to discuss your project.


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