Don’t be a robot – get your marketing right


It’s difficult to think about how to carry on with marketing a business in light of the global pandemic that’s now affecting us all. But carry on we must, and here are 5 ways not to be a robot about it.

1. Carry on if you can

But this comes with a big caveat of ‘if you think it’s right to do so’. For many prospects and customers who are still able to work, it will be business as normal. But that doesn’t mean being blind or insensitive to the global crisis that is affecting everyone in some way. It’s not the time to be crass or take advantage of the situation, or to write yet another blog about how to work from home – because trust me, no-one’s reading that.

2. Meet your customers where they are

Remember, right place – right message – right time. There’s a big spike in digital media consumption, which creates a marketing opportunity. But this is driven by changing behaviours and varying levels of concern about a great many aspects of daily life. Be mindful that direct-response messaging may not be appropriate at this time. You may need to adapt your digital marketing strategy temporarily.

3. Changing digital habits mean changing online audiences

So, if you have useful or entertaining content that you want to get in front of a particular target audience, doing so programmatically might be a great option for you. Creating something specifically that helps build brand awareness and supports your brand values could help maintain engagement with your audience.

4. Freemium and introductory offers expected

According to recent research by Global Web Index, many people consider that brands should be offering flexible payments, free versions of some products, or producing essential items that will contribute to the fight against the virus. If you’re able to pivot your business in this way, I highly recommend trying it in a measured way to see what outcomes you can create.

5. Be accurate, inform and/or entertain

Providing fact-checked content is one of the top roles the population expects social media to play at the moment, just above connecting local communities. So, be careful in whatever you do that you’re not inadvertently contributing any misinformation. In 13 global markets surveyed by GWI, 45% of people are spending more time on social media so the audience is there, primarily on mobile devices.

So, what are you going to do that’s of benefit to your audience? We’re here to talk about making your ideas a reality.


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