A Week In The Life Of A Digital Marketing Intern


Who am I and why am I doing work experience?

I’m Annabel and I’m going into my second year of university studying Business Management with Marketing at UWE Bristol. My interests are in social media and digital marketing so I wanted to gain some experience in the areas I enjoy. It was important to me to that I made the most out of my extremely long summer holiday and I knew that a digital marketing internship would help me in the future in terms of choosing a career path and getting a job.

What was everyone like at AB?

I was extremely nervous to start my week of work experience as I had never worked in an office before but as soon as I stepped in I received such a warm welcome from everyone.

What did I work on?

I quickly came to learn that AB has many different clients in a variety of industries. The digital marketing team were just getting ready to launch a new campaign for one of their leisure and tourism clients. The aim was to increase off-peak bookings by targeting key audiences such as young families.

What did I learn at AB?

I gained an insight into social media marketing, specifically Facebook ads. This is something that I found very interesting as I had never put much thought into why I see the ads that I do. It was decided to use Facebook ads for the client who wanted to make sure that they were getting bookings during the off-peak season. To do this we narrowed the audience by location, age, gender, and interests. This tailored it to the desired target audience so that the ads would reach the right people. It wasn’t beneficial to target large groups of people for this specific campaign; this is because not everyone is going to be interested in the ad so it would be a waste of time and money. The image is one of the most important parts of the ad as it’s often the first thing that people see, so it needs to stand out and be relevant. The text on the images is also crucial because it can’t cover any more than 25%. If there is more than this, Facebook will either disprove the advertisement or limit the number of people who see it. This is because Facebook wants to make sure that they are showing high-quality adverts to the people using their site.

Why are Facebook ads good to use for clients?

The benefit of Facebook ads for businesses is that business owners and managers have the ability to track the ads and see the results. There are also many different things that you are able to see once an ad is posted, for example, the reach, impressions, cost per result, budget, the amount spent, when the ads end and frequency – the average number of times that each person saw the ad and landing page views. If the audience isn’t responding to things well (for example, not clicking through) then the ads can be altered to improve them.

What else did I do at AB?

The digital marketing team are currently involved in creating new digital strategies for several different clients in different industries, so I contributed towards the research for these. This included competitor research, finding out the client’s place in the market and keyword research. I found this particularly interesting because it made me realise how much work goes into planning a campaign before it can get started.

How was my week at AB?

Even though I study marketing at university, I have gained so much knowledge from doing the role hands-on. I have learnt so much about the world of digital marketing and I owe it to the team at AB for being great mentors over the week. The experience has given me a taste of what a real job in the marketing sector is like. I was so thankful that I wasn’t making tea and coffee for everyone all week and that I was able to get stuck into the role.  I can’t thank everyone enough at AB for being so lovely and helpful.


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