2017 #DesignTrends – Brexit Brown, Mobile Optimisation & Swiss Design


In the third instalment of our 2017 predictions and trends, we take look at the wonderful world of creative and design to see what’s in store this year. Marcus Bennett, the floor is all yours…


Historically the web design process starts with desktop and then simplifies the content down for mobile. 2017 heralds in the era of starting with mobile design, ensuring more content can be easily navigated and digested at your fingertips. So if your fingertips are podgy porkers like mine then every design will need to be even easier to swipe, flick and click your way through the matrix of content.

Mobile design trends for 2017

The shift to designing mobile first is partly driven by Google splitting its search index, prioritising mobile over desktop, so mobile sites now rank higher, when searched for on a mobile device. That aside, did you know… 51% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site? Or how about the fact that 61% of users aren’t likely to return to a mobile site they couldn’t access easily.

If your website isn’t optimised for mobile or tablet devices, you won’t be ranking good for long. These changes will affect everything from keywords to providing variations of search results based on physical location. So a flurry of new mobile experience redesigns me thinks.


I’ve always tended to look down on some American companies identities. My well developed English snobbery first nurtured as an LCP student pouring over books containing simple, precise and elegant examples of Swiss Design.

Swiss Creative Design

As part of my course I was lucky enough to spend time in a New York based University. By gum the lack of grid systems and whitespace was frankly shocking. And how I’ve winced at Instagram and Google’s original logos. America always seemed to make the simple – complex.

Instagram branding logo evolution

But bless my ‘Points & Picas’ our American friends have embraced the Swiss ethos and logo design has started to get a lot cleaner, this trend is only going to continue in 2017. Just look at Kodak and MasterCard simply beautiful and on this side of the pond NatWest and Co-Op.

Mastercard logo evolution

Of course digital has helped drive this trend, I suspect partly due to the increasing need to use SVGs in design instead of traditional image formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF.

Instead of being raster or pixel-based, SVGs are vectors: mathematical descriptions of the object’s shape. This means it’s resolution-independent, they’ll look great on any screen, on any device. No need to worry about resolution, hurrah!



Let’s face it, 2017 will be the year of uncertainty, we’ll all be holding on to our flat caps and trousers as Article 50 is exercised – squeaky bum time.

So I think consumers will crave the certainty of the natural environment, to nurture their personal well-being. With increasing urban and digital lifestyles, it’s important to return to natural habitats for rest bite and healing.

Designers will be dipping into the colour palettes of khaki and olive green, working alongside brick reds, maroon brown and charcoal grey to recreate a sense of rich, earthy minerals…. or Brexit Brown as I like to call it.

Colour of the year Brexit Brown


2016 was the year of yoga, meditation and gym sign-ups. 2017 will see a continuation of ‘ Hygge’ the taking pleasure in ordinary, everyday moments.

Yeah folks, it’s that bad.



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Marcus is a Creative Director with over 15 years London experience. Client experiences includes BBC, Timberland and Coca Cola. Marcus is a member of the Typographic Circle and D&Ad. A passion for playing cricket, exploring the Devon coastline and collecting 1950s cigarette adverts.


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