Opinion// The release of Belstaff’s short film, Outlaw


Iconic heritage clothing brand Belstaff has just released a short film online featuring David Beckham.

The surreal art house film appears to take inspiration from Sergio Leones ‘Dollars’ trilogy and features Beckham as ’The Stranger’ a man of few words and a piercing squint: similarities with Clint Eastwood’s man with no name spring to mind. Beckham’s “mysterious drifter’ sits astride a Triumph motorcycle rather than a horse and is haunted by memories of a beautiful trapeze artist and hunted by a maniacal director, played by Harvey Keitel.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the end result though – whereas directors like Tarrantino can interpret their own unique vision and humour on past movie genres, this film felt like it was trying too hard – It’s just a bit pretentious for me. Intriguing also that Beckham was given no dialogue – I guess the producers knew his limitations!

What is interesting however, is clearly there were big bucks behind this project and the two brands involved, namely Belstaff and Triumph (actually three if you include Beckham himself) are now looking to reach customers through longer form storytelling and they’re leaving product details and offers to their e-commerce websites.

While this film might not be to everyone’s taste, it’s a sign that brands are looking at new and creative ways to reach their customers. Next time I just hope they go a bit more mainstream – I prefer a good Scorsese gangster movie myself.


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