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In the past five to 10 years the web has transformed the way companies communicate with key stakeholders. These days instead of calling a company to get more information on the product or service we are interested in we are more likely to Google the company, check out their website, read reviews, sign up for email alerts or follow them on social media.

Clients are now in control as they expect to find the information they are looking for and there are numerous channels available that can be used to put your company in a position of trust and able to solve the business problem. This makes the job of marketers extremely difficult, as there is no place to hide. Our target audience and the channels we used to use to reach them have become fragmented. An organisations reputation is now based on how well they engage and listen to all their audiences. The social media world demands a greater need for transparency and consumers now see a company’s social purpose as a major form of differentiation.

Here we take a brief look at the ever-evolving landscape of corporate communications and what we expect to see more of in the upcoming months.

Content creation

Companies are investing in content creation like never before. There will be more insights and thought leadership but we expect publishers to leave the comfort of their own website and go where the audience is. Like me, you’ve probably noticed an increase in the number of notifications you get that someone has published a post on LinkedIn. That is not to say websites are going to become redundant but there are opportunities to serve content on a platform your audience is already using instead of constantly striving to direct traffic to your own website. In the future, content distribution is going to become an essential marketing activity and is likely to become more important than content creation.

User-generated content

With all the channels available to distribute content, it is difficult to keep up. Consumers are highly motivated to read content so why not delegate some of your brand-building activities to your customers and stakeholders? Adding features to facilitate sharing comments or engaging audiences will become more important. We often rely on and trust peer recommendations more than sales messages generated by companies so make sure every opportunity for users to generate content exists.

Lights, camera, action

There has been a massive increase in the use of visual content. By 2017 74% of all Internet traffic will be video and 52% of marketing professionals say video delivers the best ROI. That’s because when it’s done well, it’s far more likely to get amplified via shares. It’s busy out there and viewers are time poor so shorter bite-sized snippets that can easily be shared on social media will replace traditional talking head, interview-style videos.

This gives you a taste of some of the changes we are seeing and speaking to clients about at AB. It takes effort, time and skill to create and deliver valuable content but it is an essential tool if you are going to grow and sustain a successful business in today’s web-driven world.

What next?

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Author: Lisa Alleway

Lisa is an experienced Account Manager and works across our diverse range of clients and gained her extensive communications experience in London. She helps to support and develop communications for our clients and is a core asset to the agency.


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No agency is complete without a South African in the team! Lisa gained her extensive communications experience in London working across a diverse range of multinational accounts before joining AB. Her calm demeanour and can do attitude ensures everyone works effectively towards the same goals, resulting in happy clients. Also a member of the AB running club.


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