A 2022 content calendar of key dates to help kick-start your planning


It’s that time: you need to publish another blog article. It feels like you only just wrote the last one but the content monster is hungry again. You need to come up with a fresh new concept that matches your content strategy (if you’re lucky enough to work somewhere that has one!). Use our 2022 content calendar to plan useful, relevant, interesting content that keeps your boss, your audiences and the content monster happy.

The benefits of a content calendar

Whether it’s for social media, web or print, content calendars help you plan, schedule and create a strategy behind your content. Like your to-do list for tasks, your content calendar will be a way to organise your content.

Key dates in the calendar act as ‘hooks’ to hang your content on. Creating and scheduling content based on dates that are relevant to your industry creates resonance for your audience. Rather than broadcasting news, you’re participating in the conversations that your audience are already having.

Just make sure you jump on the dates that are relevant to your business, audience, values and objectives – and steer clear from events that definitely aren’t.

Key dates and events for 2022

Our content calendar lists key dates to consider for your 2022 content plan. It would be a shame to miss the marketing and awareness-raising opportunities that World Chocolate Day (7th July) or World Social Media Day (30th June) offer if these are relevant to your audience and objectives.

Here are just a few of the events that you’ll find featured in the content calendar:

  • World Book Day: 3rd March
  • World Health Day: 7th April
  • International Nurses Day: 12th May
  • International Day of Friendship: 30th July
  • World Tourism Day: 27th September
  • World Vegan Day: 1st November

Your content calendar

Here are just a few extra details to consider adding to the content calendar to personalise it to your business:

  • Company or industry-related events
  • Deadlines for ad designs, sales you are holding or offers that you wish to promote
  • Holidays or other key events that may affect your target audiences’ buying or browsing habits.

Download the free 2022 content calendar to begin organising and creating your content for 2022.



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Ros is an editor and copywriter with experience in both print and digital. Her experience includes tone of voice development; interpretation for cultural sites and venues; content marketing, design and strategy; and managing an award-winning content team at a major UK charity. Ros enjoys writing about topics and industries in ways that people can relate to. She has written copy to inspire people about blanket bogs, garden birds, orchestras and refugees, among other topics!


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