A bit like riding a bicycle…


When children are learning to ride bicycles, to begin with they fall off. A lot.

The trick (at least until you’ve had a bit more practice) is not to go too slowly – it’s hard to balance on stationary bike (unless you put your feet down), but a moving bike is dynamically stable, you can keep it upright and on course with small adjustments (that you probably don’t even realise you are making).

So how does this relate to working in a Creative Agency? Change is like movement. Technology is constantly evolving, and at an agency we have to decide how to best to make use of (or not) each new tool or technology, be that a new social media platform, a new finish for printed materials, or a new development platform. You may decide that you don’t need to change because you already have the skills you need to do what you want, but this is a mistake.

Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity tells us that there is that there is no such thing as an absolute frame of reference in the universe – what is important is change (and the way you handle change). Not embracing is like trying to balance on a stationary bicycle, and eventually you will fall off and get left behind while everybody else pedals into the future. Luckily there is no prescribed route, we don’t all have to go the same way, you can take the cycle path, the BMX track, the road, or any mix you choose.

At AB we are curious, we make sure we explore and make use of change where it is beneficial, and we make sure we are in a position to help and advise our clients. We don’t just jump on every trendy fad though, after all you don’t want to get stuck with a Betamax when everybody else bought VHS.

(Photo by Luca Campioni on Unsplash)


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